Secrets of Eromanga – novel
Princess Clown –
chapter book
Charlie and the Red Hot Chilli Pepper –
chapter book
Ali Berber & the Forty Grains of Salt –
chapter book
The Magic Globe –
chapter book
Corn Dolly Dead in Short & Scary Anthology
THE SCHOOL MAGAZINE – short stories and school plays

Explore Magazine and Comet Magazine 

 EXPLORE magazine – Pearson Education Aust    #3 2004 MUSEUM MINI-MUNCHERS
Dermestid beetles and their larvae provide an unique service for museums all over the world.

magazine – Pearson Education Aust  #2 2006

A DINOSAUR OUT THE BACK …Have you ever daydreamed of finding a huge dinosaur fossil in your backyard? That’s what happened to a young boy living in outback Queensland … CHECK OUT HIS STORY.


  1. Hi Sheryl,

    My son wants to be a palentologist, we recently visited the Natural Histroy muesum in London which holds the worlds largest dinosaur display including a walking and roaring life size robotic T-Rex, which of course ho thought was ‘un-real’

    I will have to buy a copy for him, and read it to him -he is only 6years!

    Jelli-beanz Book Corner


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