On making a character live … the inside story

Authors are funny animals. We inhabit storybook worlds; and sometimes reside in our characters’ heads. There’s nothing quite like the excitement of fictional characters coming to life. Adversity McAllister is someone you won’t know yet, but soon you will. She’s the young protagonist in my completed manuscript, SWEET ADVERSITY. The only child of travelling Shakespearean actors, 12-year-old Addie... Continue Reading →

Off to a SIZZLING START … or not!

BANG! KAPOW! The visiting author punched her way through the dreaded Sizzling Start. ‘Who will rid me of this bothersome writing term,’ she screamed, valiantly, desperately. Sorry, no offence meant to all those teachers (valiantly) trying to teach kids short story writing to fulfill the dreaded NAPLAN testing requirements. Teachers have SO much to deal... Continue Reading →

Why I’m addicted … to Flash Fiction

Scratch the writing skin of most Flash Fiction aficionados and you'll find an addict. Yes, we can't help ourselves ... we adore the genre, we drool over brilliant Flash Fiction ... on a continual quest to write great stories. I write novels, chapter books and plays for children, but Flash Fiction tales I write for both adults and children. They're... Continue Reading →

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