About Sheryl

I’m an Australian children’s author, book-worm since I was four, a traveller and an artist. I love creating stories to grab young readers and the young at heart – the sort of stories that won’t let you go until the very last page.

Check out my novels, short stories, my blog called In Search of Story; my tips for writing better stories; info about current works-in-progress, my characters, and the writing life.


SWEET ADVERSITY  … Available now!

Sweet Adversity


I’m always doing something in the world of children’s books.

Especially love visiting schools to run workshops.

Click to contact SPEAKERS INK booking agency in Queensland or Victoria


5 thoughts on “About Sheryl

  1. Sheryl, I am on the road without my own computer and without your email address. I have been informed by a pollie friend (Green of course), that there is now worry about putting up subs, unless you think you will be sued! So get it back up there, please!


  2. Hi Sheryl,

    I’m interested in publishing one of your pieces of art in our online journal – can you email me back at the email address I’ve provided?


  3. What a great find your site(s) are for me, thank you for following my site (and this is how I found you). I will enjoy following all of your sites.



  4. Saint Sheryl
    Send a rider urgent can deliver a secret weapon to press defeat on parallel import demon, the fire demon of information supression shall not pass unchallenged.
    The Loaded Dog


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