Jumping into the waters of Independent Publishing … interviewing Angela Sunde, author

SM.cover.119KBI’m thrilled to host my friend and author, the lovely Angela Sunde, on the occasion of the launch of her new novel for kids, Snap Magic.

Angela’s own tweenhood experiences were the inspiration for Snap Magic’s cringe worthy laugh-out-loud moments. As she says, ‘Writing Snap Magic took me right back to being twelve years old. It’s like I never grew up. I just wish I could reassure Lily that it’ll all be okay in the end.’  

Thanks for hosting me on your blog today, Sheryl. It’s lovely to be here!

Angela, I’m sure readers will be immensely interesting to hear about your experience of jumping into the waters of INDEPENDENT PUBLISHING. Take it away, kiddo! 🙂

 Independently publishing isn’t something I would’ve considered when I wrote my Aussie Chomp, Pond Magic. But with the Aussie Chomps list now closed, publishers tightening their belts and bookstores diminishing in number, it made sense (with the release of my new book, Snap Magic) to open up a new avenue to connect with readers.

 I’m one of the new breed of hybrid authors – being both trade and independently published. The lines of publishing are blurring and this is an exciting time for writers who are open to exploring new distribution platforms, independent publishing and the production of print on demand, e-books and other online offerings.

Was it a scary thing to take on?

You don’t have to go it alone. I strongly recommend first securing a high level, professional editor and also a book design company like Book Cover Cafe – my designer, Anthony Puttee, is also my mentor.

Angela Sunde, author and illustrator

As an independent publisher you set your own deadlines – a book’s editing and design needn’t be rushed or sent off to print before it’s ready. You now wear the publisher’s hat and all the responsibility that goes with it. The choices are all yours, from page placement to font size, from illustrator to line count, from signing off on cover designs to choosing price, retail discount, printer, distributor etc. This is why it’s imperative to be surrounded by an experienced team of industry professionals. It’s not something I would contemplate doing alone.

What about the book’s distribution; always a difficult aspect of non-traditional publishing?

Distribution is a question I am often asked about as an independent publisher. Our bricks and mortar world is moving online. Distributors in Australia are fewer than before, with good reason. As buyers move to online stores, distribution is bypassed by the print on demand companies who deal directly with these stores. My retail distributor is Ingram Content http://www.ingramcontent.com/pages/retailers.aspx and libraries can order Snap Magic through their usual distributors.

With regards to Snap Magic (from a marketing and publicity perspective,) it’s not that different to the amount of work I have had to do for my trade book, Pond Magic. With my trade book I was never assigned a publicist and so had to do it all myself anyway. Trade or independent, only the big names have a marketing team and publicist. In spite of this I’ve managed to secure for Snap Magic’s release media interviews and features on live radio, online and in print media.

Would I do it again, Angela?

Absolutely! It’s such a buzz working with design professionals and creating a first class product you’re proud to show the world. Plus it challenges the brain, which keeps me young. It doesn’t get better than that!

I loved visiting today, Sheryl. Thank you for having me on your blog!

It’s always a pleasure, Angela. All the very best for your delightful story, Snap Magic!

If you’d like to know more about SNAP MAGIC, click HERE.

PODCAST: Angela Sunde was interviewed live on 612ABC Brisbane radio on Friday 3rd October about the release of her new children’s book, Snap Magic. You can listen to the podcast here: http://blogs.abc.net.au/queensland/2014/10/angela-sunde-releases-new-childrens-book-snap-magic.html

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8 thoughts on “Jumping into the waters of Independent Publishing … interviewing Angela Sunde, author

  1. Hybrids – so much stronger and resilient. Good on you Angela and congratulations on another wonderful story.


  2. Congrats Sheryl and Angela,
    Great interview!
    I totally agree with what you say about sub-contracting to the highest professionals with editing and book design.
    I highly recommend Anthony Puttee too. He’s held my hand, advising me how to independently publish my four books too.
    Look forward to following your Blog Tour.
    I’ll be reviewing Snap Magic tomorrow.
    Congrats Angela … cheers, Karen Tyrrell 🙂


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