“A Country gets the Government it deserves”

I hardly ever use this blog for political talk – but every day I wake up a bit more dispirited and concerned by the turn of politics in our fair country. The ultra-powerful, media-controlling Rupert Murdoch feeds his swill to the public and controls who will be the next government of Australia, and we let feel powerless to stop him. Wealthy miner, Gina Rinehart seeks to control the Fairfax media. Social media seems to be the only open, fearless access for alternate viewpoints left to us now.

Social media is making political memes into an art form.
Social media turning political memes into an art form.

In Australia, we have a carbon pricing mechanism that is successfully lowering harmful carbon emissions – it forces the top polluters to clean up their mess. Our current Federal government has taken steps towards a clean energy future. But if the Opposition gain power in September’s election, Australia will be the only country in the world to repeal carbon pricing laws. It’s environmental and economic vandalism on a national scale.

There is so much openly racist and xenophobic talk around now, against indigenous people, against Muslims, against refugees on boats – this is no longer a country where people are given a fair go. And I believe this shameful turn of events is promoted and used by an Opposition who will stop at nothing to get in power.

Anyway, enough from me. I’d like to add below a very passionate article written by political commentator, B1 B2, who runs the Tony Abbott will never be Prime Minister Facebook page. He/she says it much better than me. It’s worth reading and sharing.

A Country gets the Government it deserves

There is a political truism that has been bothering me lately – “A Country gets the Government it deserves”.

With the looming prospect of an Abbott-led Government I find it incredulous that Australia truly deserves something that dark and sinister. Abbott is a bully, a spoilt brat, homophobic, sexist and his thinly-veiled racism has been the hallmark of his xenophobic “stop the boats” mantra.

He offers nothing in the way of substantial, costed policies. Indeed, his whole election platform appears to consist of wrecking the much needed reforms the current minority government have put in place, most notably carbon pricing.

At a time when the rest of the world is embracing a clean energy future, under Abbott, Australia would be the only country in the world to actually repeal carbon pricing – this staggering folly would be rank environmental and economic vandalism – all done in the name of getting Abbott what he wants, and what his overindulgent parents promised him – that he would be PM.

His paid maternity leave plan is (even by his own party’s admission) plain stupid, and goes against Abbott’s own core values (remember the “over my dead body” pledge?). Anyone but the most simple can see that this “policy” is a deeply cynical attempt to woo female voters towards someone who is fundamentally a misogynist.

The NBN is not merely something that would be nice to have – it is an absolute priority if Australia is to remain competitive (anyone who has travelled widely would recognise how much Australia has fallen behind the pack when it comes to internet speeds and accessibility). This is another area where Abbott seeks to jeopardise Australia’s future purely for his own political gain.

The absolutely critical Gonski (Education) Reforms will be lost under an Abbott government, who (let’s face it) cannot stand the idea of public schools getting better funding and would prefer to keep subsidising the elite Catholic schools (not the poor ones).

He offers the average Australian nothing, except a guarantee to slash the public service, keep fossil fuels burning, and take us backwards in terms of education, technology and workplace relations.

Yet apparently this is what the public want? Are Australians really this simple? Do they lack any semblance of analytical thinking? Would they really throw out a government which has gained a triple-A rating, solid growth and low unemployment despite a Global Financial Crisis?

It appears they would!

Often when I ask people why they dislike the current Government so much they respond with the most unbelievably petty, errant and pathetic justifications. These three words seem to summarise the key factors in wanting to vote Abbott in – “the redhead lied”. Seriously? Hair colour? A politician lied? (not like Abbott would ever do that right?).

Meanwhile Abbott has lied and manipulated every single day. He has sought to create fear and division at every step and relied upon “bogan-slogans” rather than rational argument. He has made the “small target” strategy an art form, and avoided any genuine scrutiny from an all-too-willing media.

I struggle to believe that Australians en masse are this stupid, but I could be wrong. Has Murdoch completely succeeded in brainwashing and dumbing-down Australia to the point where Abbott is a suitable PM? Are we now living in a country where moronic and xenophobic three-word slogans are more powerful than reasoned arguments?

In September Australians will either choose a path of progress, equality in education, infrastructure reforms that will keep us competitive, leaders in clean energy investment.

Or, a path backwards – where fear and division reign supreme, where the boss gains the upper hand over the worker, where kids with rich parents can have a great education, but the same standard is not available to those with less money, where we embrace fossil fuels and become an international embarrassment and fall behind the rest of the world in terms of electronic communication and productivity – and have a complete and utter bastard as a PM.

Come the September election we will have the government we, as a nation deserve. Think carefully Australia.

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  1. A great article.
    Abbott started the campaign for this coming election the day Windsor and Oakeshott kicked him to the curb.
    This grub has brought about a disgusting situation in OZ politics.
    From the day he believed he was “robbed” , this little scumbag has taken politics into the gutter.
    Fear and smear is all we get from this grub.
    I for one will proudly display my sticker
    “Don’t Blame Me, I Voted Labor” daily, if these right wing loons get the keys to the Lodge


  2. Abbott is a master of dis-empowering people, Sherryl. And the stupid crazy thing is, those ravers who denigrate the Prime Minister will be the ones most hurt by Abbott’s policies if he and his disgusting cronies get in. And of course, so will the environment, education, marine national parks and our national broadband.


  3. I just cannot believe that people would willingly vote Abbott in, but when I read and watch our media, I can see why it would happen. We have a country where people believe what they see and hear and think that any further analysis is “beyond them”. It’s such a contradiction – feel them crap and make them feel like anything more is too hard.
    I despair, like you, Sheryl. If Abbott gets in, a lot of sheep will be very, very sorry. We are seeing this in Victoria. Huge cuts to TAFE and then big money to build new prisons. Only an idiot can’t see that giving kids a future via education (yes, even a basic course) keeps them out of gaol. To me, Victoria and Queensland are just a sample of what national Liberal government will be like.
    But if you have heaps of money and don’t care about others, you’ll be jumping in clover (just like Howard promoted and pushed for his whole terms of government – me, me me).


  4. I suspect the vote for Labor in Queensland will be better than it usually is, but I also suspect our country is facing dark times. I only hope that the light will come back when the Labor Party is elected again at the election after the upcoming September election.
    I can’t see how the Labor Party can win this one, not when there are far too many morons out there similar to “Adam” who commented here earlier.


  5. An outstanding post, put so clearly. If you don’t mind, I’ll link it on my Facebook share.

    As to getting the government we deserve, you could be right. It was indeed Plato’s problem with democratic government: that it was too easy for demagogues to get control. His solution to have a philosopher-king is just as bad or worse. Don Dunstan was pretty close, but it’s rare. Democracy is the least worst option, but to work it requires goodwill and good faith, not always evident, plus perhaps more people participating than we are usually able to produce.

    On that assertion, when I was studying politics in the 60s, I read a critique of the Australian parliament in the 1950s by a visiting English journalist. He said, ” I know it’s true that a country gets the government it deserves, but surely the Australian people cannot be that bad,”


  6. Yep, Adam, you speak with the usual lack of clarity, insight, humanity and care about this great country as any of Tony Abbott’s clones. One thing will be sure – from what he has exhibited already, Abbott will never reach the status of a great leader. I’ll watch with amusement as he dangles from a future rope of his own making. đŸ™‚


  7. I’m enjoying watching the few remaining socialist twits trying desperately to convince themselves thay have a chance to continue destroying the country. Gillard has been a disaster for Australia and the majority are sick of the Labor shambles and can’t wait to breath a big sigh of relief in September.

    Looking forward to seeing a decent bloke like Tony Abbott as PM, also anticpating with pleasure the screams and cries from the bleeding heart leftist fools who are all talk no fix.


  8. I see that polls predict a Coalition landslide. As a Queenslander, I would like to point out how much my fellow Queenslanders are regretting handing our state on a platter to ‘Can-do’.


  9. Well said, and I think there are a lot of people aware of Murdoch (and may I say Gina). We have to just keep spreading the word. When I discuss the two parties, I mention
    ” but you have to think about Gina and Rupert, they do not have the best interests of this country at hand. They are self serving”. Normal people think twice once they understand who will be running the country. You only have to look at what happened recently in England with the phone taps. You can’t tell me someone who is right up there at the head of a country didn’t know what was going on.


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