Coming soon…in conversation with Canadian author, Eileen Schuh

It’s a small world after all … which is why I love connecting up with authors across the globe. An ocean might separate our countries but the road to publication is just as interesting. This Saturday and Sunday, I feature Canadian author, Eileen Schuh on my blog.

Eileen Schuh, Canadian author

Eileen’s self-published YA book The Traz is a novel about a 13 year old girl who falls in with a biker gang. It was picked up by a publishing house, and now she’s completed the Teaching Guide for an edition suitable for use in schools,  THE TRAZ: School Edition (BackTracker series)The second ebook edition of The Traz will be released under the Imajin banner this spring while the sequel will be launched in late summer or fall.

In December, Corrections Canada invited Schuh to use her book to reach out to at-risk youngsters at the North Slave Young Offenders Facility in Yellowknife. She also presented to children at the SideDoor Youth Center in Yellowknife and will visit students at the St. Paul Alternate Education Centre in February.

I asked Eileen heaps of questions about writing and publishing in Canada, about where she lives and the setting for her book (you know how intrigued I am by books’ settings!) This story takes place in Eileen’s home province of Alberta, Canada on the vast expanses of the prairies in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains.

I’d love you to drop in on my blog on Saturday and Sunday! See details below…..


Sunday 15th April:  IN CONVERSATION WITH EILEEN SCHUH … where we discuss the ups and downs of being a writer in Canada, about her story, The Traz and her main character Katrina, and Eileen’s road to publication.

*** EXTRA NEWS! Eileen asked me to tell you that anyone who leaves a comment on my blog will be automatically entered in my draw for a Kindle. She’ll draw out the winner this fall (i.e. our spring) when the sequel to THE TRAZ is released. 

**** EXTRA SPECIAL NEWS! For readers of my blog! Did I mention the work FREE e-book? Will tell you this bit in the blog on Saturday.

Hope you can join us!



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