Win a copy of Sue Lawson’s new book, ‘Forget me not’

Drop into this blog on Thursday, March 27th 29th, leave a comment * and be in the draw for a copy of this wonderful new book from Australian author, Sue Lawson. Published by Walker Books, it’s about to hit the bookshelves. 

I’m delighted that Sue will be my guest on that day discussing WORKSHOPS AND AUTHOR SESSIONS

 Sue is an experienced school visitor and workshop presenter. It’s something that many authors have to do to keep going financially. Some people find it a wonderful, exciting experience and some would rather stay away from the stress of planning the visits and then standing and delivering in front of hundreds of squirming little bodies. (For the record, I love it!)

I think you’ll love Sue’s guest post and will find it useful. For those of us who are always on the lookout for great, tried and true hints to make the visit a roaring success, I also asked Sue a couple of my extra questions on the specifics of a school visit. I’ll post Sue’s answers on Friday, 28th March.  KEEP AN EYE OPEN FOR US!

 FORGET ME NOT   by Sue Lawson

Fiction, but rooted in historical fact – the story of one family’s voyage on the Titanic. 

I am filled with the worst feeling. Everyone says it is the safest, most luxurious ship in the world, but something about it is extremely unsettling.

Evelyn Gilmore does not share her brother Thomas s excitement about travelling on the maiden voyage of the luxurious Titanic. For Evelyn the ship is taking her away from everything she knows and loves. For Thomas it is taking him to his new life. How could they know what the trip would bring?

Did you know? April 2012 is the 100th anniversary of the Titanic. 

* Competition for Australian readers only, postage being what it is. 🙂



6 thoughts on “Win a copy of Sue Lawson’s new book, ‘Forget me not’

  1. Congratulations Sue on a timely book. Great idea Sheryl to have invited Sue to discuss her experience on book visits as Sue knows how schools are organised and has first hand experience as a teacher and as an author.


  2. Thanks Karen – glad you liked it, and Mary and Peter thanks for your wishes. Teresa a ham? No – a talented and entertaining speaker! And thank you too for your wishes! xx


  3. Ok, HERE”S where I leave my comment. I LOVE your organisational skills Sue! And, instead of calling me a born show off, my family just call me a ham. I sense one day soon, we will be hams together somewhere. All the very best for the launch of this wonderful book.


  4. I would absolutely love to read this very timely story – FORGET ME NOT. Like most people I am fascinated by the tragic history of the Titanic. I did know the 100th anniversary is looming. Cheers!!


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