My new website!!

my new web site

They say a change is as good as a holiday! I do that every so often – shifting the furniture around in our lounge or dining room – usually in spring and autumn (we adjust to the climate in our Queenslander house).

I’m still in the changing mood! So over the past two days, I’ve changed my web site – my tired, static Dreamweaver one (who drove me nuts updating) is now a lively, kid-friendly one that has cool animations, colours, textures and so easy to follow. Best thing of all, it’s a dream to update!

It’s a free one – so won’t be visible on IPads and phones – but I can update have have my own domain name transferred to it.

It’s got a slideshow of the fossil dig site where I carried out research for my novel, Secrets of Eromanga; plus a slideshow of some of my paintings. Plus lots of other information.

Hope you like it!!   SHERYL GWYTHER’s new website



6 thoughts on “My new website!!

  1. I found it simple to cruise through and satisfying to visit Sheryl. I do like the Wix sites. Good job. It invites us and more importantly your readers to visit.


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