Ian Irvine, Australian author on my 4kids blog

To help celebrate IAN IRVINE’s new Grim and Grimmer release, the fourth book in the series, The Calamitous Queen, this hugely popular author will be a guest on my SherylGwyther4Kids Blog on the 16th June 2011.  

Ian is the author of 27 novels, including the international best-selling 11-book fantasy sequence, The Three Worlds, an eco-thriller trilogy about catastrophic climate change, and 12 books for children and young adults.

Ian Irvine also has another life besides being a best-selling author, he is a marine scientist who has developed some of Australia’s national guidelines for the protection of the oceanic environment, and still works in this field.

I’ll be asking Ian what were the 10 Best Things about Writing the Grim and Grimmer series and (dare I ask?) what were the worst.

Awkward Ike, who is useless at everything except drawing, has just been expelled from school. He touches a magnificent pen and hears a girl crying out for help. Ike draws a door on the wall and finds himself in the land of Wychwold.

Within ten minutes he has accidentally betrayed a princess to the wicked Fey Queen, Emajicka. Then Ike is caught and chained to a guard imp called Nuckl that wants to eat his liver. With the aid of a thief girl, Mellie, Ike escapes and they set out to rescue the princess.

But the Fey Queen is stealing the children of Grimmery for her Collection. She bathes in their nightmares to relieve her own, and there is one nightmare she wants most of all – Ike’s.  The Grim and Grimmer series


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