Popping in on the KIDS BOOK REVIEW site

Today was my first post for the Kids Book Review site – I’ll be writing a regular column for this fantastic site for readers of books for children and the people who write and illustrate them. It’s also a site that parents, teachers and librarians access, hence my role as a commentator.

I’ll be blogging about literacy, the love of reading, children, art, education and the world of writing stories for young people.  Hope you can pop in sometime and leave a comment….

The title of my first post: THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS

One of the most remarkable things about being a part of the world of Australian children’s books is that so many others are madly passionate about it as well……. click above to read more.


The Hobbit



2 thoughts on “Popping in on the KIDS BOOK REVIEW site

  1. Hi Charmaine, I’ve fixed it up now! It’s actually not a review of ‘The Hobbit’ but my first contribution to the Kids Book Review as a regular commentator.
    Do you know that blogsite? You’d enjoy it, I’m sure.


  2. Sounds great – I have been thinking about visiting this book (The Hobbit) because I’ve never read it and I’m starting to feel like I’m the only one.

    Can’t wait to read your review (the link did not work? but I’ll try again later). 🙂


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