Blog Touring – interview with Catriona Hoy

Day Four already! And it’s down to Victoria for an interview with Catriona Hoy. Click: CLOWNING AROUND.

Catriona Hoy is an Aussie children’s writer – her work includes picture books, My Grandad Marches on Anzac Day, The Music Tree, Daddies, Mummies are Amazing, Puggle and her new book, George and Ghost (released soon).



2 thoughts on “Blog Touring – interview with Catriona Hoy

  1. Marnie, congratulations on having finished the edit of your second novel. Mentors are a great idea, but unfortunately, due to professional commitments, I’m unable to take on mentees.
    But remember, mentorships are available through the Australian Society of Authors (google them), and some writer’s centres. The Australian Writer’s Marketplace has information about industry professionals willing to offer mentorships as well.
    Have you joined a writer’s group? You could also consider becoming a member of the Society of Children’s Writers and Illustrators – that’s where you would have the opportunity to network with other writers and learn how they promote their work.
    Manuscript assessments are available from author, Sally Odgers and also through state writing centres. Here’s Sally’s link:
    Good luck, and all the very best with your writing career. You’re off to a flying start so keep going!


  2. I am interested in the blog touring process as my publisher has recommended it. I am a new Australian children’s author and am very interested in any help you can give me to promote my book.

    The idea of having a mentor is also very appealing as I have just finished my edit of my second novel, but would really like a professional opinion of my work.

    I would be very grateful for whatever help you can give me.


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