A blogging milestone … win a book for your school library!

I set up this blog site just over a year ago, and today it reached it 10,000 hits.

To celebrate, I will send a copy of my junior fiction story, SECRETS OF EROMANGA to the first PRIMARY SCHOOL LIBRARIAN or TEACHER who comments on the blog telling me they would like the book for their library.

Last year, it was the fight against Parallel Importation of Books. This year, I am on a mission – to join the fight to save Australian school libraries from gradual elimination and the loss of Teacher-Librarians. This issue affects many other countries as well – let us make sure we SAVE OUR SCHOOL LIBRARIES in Australia.

Secrets of Eromanga is an adventure set on a Western Queensland fossil dig. It is suitable for upper-primary readers. For more information on the novel, check out this link.

31 January 2010   UPDATE!! And the winner is ……..  Sandy Beach State Primary School, SANDY BEACH, New South Wales. A copy of Secrets of Eromanga is winging its way to their library, thanks to their librarian, Audrey Nay.


8 thoughts on “A blogging milestone … win a book for your school library!

  1. Our PM has a blog running:Helping our kids become better readers. Info @http://chteacherlibrarians.blogspot.com/2010/02/helping-our-kids-become-better-readers.html

    Morris Gleitzman has been a guest blogger.
    He advocates strongly for Teacher Librarians in our school libraries.
    May be worth a look!!


  2. Hello Audrey! And you are the winner of the signed copy of Secrets of Eromanga! I’ve got your school’s address from the internet – and a lovely school it looks too.
    I have just been involved in a heated debate on Facebook re the issue of attacks on school libraries. Last year some of us children’s authors campaigned against Parallel Imports on Books. I see the decimation of school libraries as just as great an attack on Australian books.
    I shall pass on your link to all my FAcebook author friends who are interested in this fight. It affects us all in the long run too.
    I’d love to joint up on The Hub.
    Sheryl 🙂


  3. Hi there Sheryl,
    I am a Teacher Librarian in Sandy Beach, NSW primary school.
    Sandy Beach Library would love to receive a free copy of ‘Secrets of Eromanga’.

    I have a Teacher Librarian blog and would be happy to mention your blog and post the link.

    If you are interested in helping to join the fight to save Australian school libraries from gradual elimination and the loss of Teacher-Librarian it would be great if you would be willing to be part of the friends of “The Hub”.
    Friends of The Hub is a coalition of individuals and organisations who support The Hub’s campaign for quality school libraries.

    It is a collective voice calling for quality libraries for all Australian schools. If you would like to be listed as a member of FROTH, click here to send us an email, or leave your statements of support below. Venceremos!


  4. Thank you, Seachanges! Unfortunately, my blog must not be getting through to teachers or teacher/librarians – haven’t had one comment. And I was so looking forward to sending that school a free copy of ‘Secrets of Eromanga’.


  5. I’m not a teacher and not participating in your raffle! However, would like to congratulate you. Well done and keep up for the fight for kids’ libraries – I don’t know what I would have done without my local library (this was childhood spent in The Netherlands)…


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